No Fee Services:  Site Selection and contract Negotiation

Your organization has decided to hold an annual meeting. Or thirteen regional meetings. Or one hundred training seminars. How do you find the properties that will fit your space and service needs?


We're hotel and negotiation professionals. We're not lawyers, but have negotiated hundreds of contracts and work with a legal team to assure that your contract minimizes your risk and maximizes your events' ROI.


We're also site selection experts. We know the difference between website photos and actual room layouts. We know what ceiling heights will work without a microphone and when you will need extra AV to accommodate your event and how the latest trends in food and beverage will affect your bottom line or enhance your event. We know because this is what we do.


Ready to get started? Contact us using the information below or by filling out our services request form here. Whichever you are most comfortable with, let's get the conversation started.


FAQ: If a hotel has to pay a commission, won’t they just raise the rate and pass the commission right to the customer?


Good question!

Answer: No they won’t.


A large percentage of hotel reservations are generated by licensed travel agents.


Hotels don’t have one price list for agents, and another price list for direct consumers, they just build a margin for the cost of commissions into their annual pricing strategies and revenue management systems.


In effect, you are already paying for the assistance of a professional agent whether you use one or not. Using us can save you both money and time.

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